Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO) is a Local organization registered and operating in South Central Somalia., an independent, non-religious, not-for profit making and non-political local nongovernmental organization, was established in Kismayo on 21st September 2002 and registered in Somalia, Kenya and Netherlands. The organization was founded by a group of Somali intellectuals and professionals in honor of Sean Devereux, a young British UNICEF staff, who was murdered in Kismayo in 1992, while in a mission to assist the needy Somali people. Former known Sean Devereux Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO). The organization changed its name to Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO). The name-change was necessitated by the expansion of organizational thematic programs dictated by the growing needs of vulnerable population in operational zones. The aim of establishing the organization was to respond to the sufferings ordinarily Somali women, men, and children were facing on almost daily basis, and widespread violations and rights abuses perpetrated against them, as result of the devastating civil war brought about by the fall of Somalia government in 1991.

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