Strategic Objectives

    • Engage protection programs to prevent and respond to Gender inequalities, GBV, children violations, as well as providing women and youth empowerment, education, vocational training, job creation and employment.
    • Contribute to Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger through programs that enhance proper nutrition and health with strong emphasis on maternal health care, psychosocial and trauma healing, mental health, food security, WASH programs, building resilience and response to emergencies/disasters, and community development.
    • Fosters peaceful coexistence through innovative PEACE and CONFLICT MANAGEMENT programs, and programs that enhance LEADERSHIP and GOVERNANCE capacities among the youth, women and local leadership
    • PARTINERSHIP COLLABORATION WITH COMMUNITIES AND DONORS to mobilize resources to enhance advocacy and policy development, and to steer vulnerable Somali communities towards peace, development, and response to emergencies.
      • Specific Objectives:
      • To work for the enhancement of poor and marginalized communities’ livelihoods both in the urban and rural areas through farm and non-farm technology
      • Sustainable household food and nutrition especially marginalized and disaster affected households while considering equity and human rights
      • To promote and work for the improvement human rights situation within the southern-central regions in particular and Somalia in general.
      • To promote awareness building and education on human rights and democracy, including good governance, conflict prevention and sustainable peace in society
      • To enhance the capacity of local administration both in structure and application of the rule of the law, respect of human rights and good
      • To support the grass root peace building and reconciliation activities within the Somali communities
      • To Promote HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness, stigma reduction and work for the total eradication of FGM.
      • To advocate for the protection and assistance for Internally Displaced People (IDPs), returnees, and refugees.
      • To promote environmental protection, conservation and regeneration.
      • To promote the women’s role in the development of communities and increase their participation in decision making.
      • To collaborate with other local and international Organizations with similar objectives
      • Guiding principles

      The following principles are always maintained by SEDHURO in the execution of its organizations’ activities:

      • Impartiality

      The organization work for equal rights and equal access to opportunities and adopts the position in which there is no discrimination as to gender, social identity or status or regional origin, political opinion and religion. SEDHURO operations are based on objectively ascertained needs alone whereby the vulnerable groups such as women and minorities are given priority.

      • Accountability

      SEDHURO organizations shall hold themselves accountable to the community beneficiary, local authority and the donors.

      • Transparency

      The organization shall be transparent and open in all their dealings with community beneficiary, local authority and the donors.

      • Gender sensitivity and equity

      The organization activities shall reflect and apply gender sensitivity and fairness.

      • Voluntarism

      SEDHURO shall demonstrate commitment and devotion to the local community needs.

      Furthermore, SEDHURO maintains the principles of commitment, honesty, independence, closeness to the community and equity and equality as basis for its existence and activities.



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